Sony Fs700



NEX-FS700R Full-HD Super Slow Motion NXCAM Camcorder is a new multi-purpose camcorder offering exceptional image quality ready to maximize your creative potential as a producer. Sony’s NEX-FS700R is an interchangeable lens camcorder capable of capturing super slow motion images in Full HD at 240fps. It features an 11.6M Exmor Super35mm CMOS sensor, the latest large format sensor, boasting high-speed readout and outstanding sensitivity. And thanks to the E-mount system, as well as Sony lenses, using a mount adapter lets you attach various other interchangeable lenses for extra shooting flexibility. A motorized zoom lens that covers a focal range from 18mm to 200mm (35mm equivalent, 30.6-340mm) is also provided as standard. This lets you enjoy smooth zooming for expressive results that are difficult to achieve with manual operation.


Other valuable features supporting professional video production include a built-in ND filter, a 3G HD-SDI out, an XLR audio input and simultaneous recording with a memory recording unit. Taking full advantage of the Exmor Super35mm CMOS sensor’s capabilities, 4K recording is also possible with an optional interface and recorder. In addition to high-definition 4K recording, continuous shooting with 2K resolution at 240fps is possible with no time limit.


The NEX-FS700R is a camcorder designed to provide everything professionals need for more creative freedom when shooting in the field.


Rental includes: NPF-970 batteries and one charger.  We currently have (2) Sony FS700’s available for rent.